Welcome to our website, Binckboten! On our website you will find many arrangements which will fulfill your joy and needs to explore the beauty of The Hague to its fullest!

We are a boat tour agency that specializes tours within The Hague and its surroundings. Our goal is to bring happy smiles to our customers and let them experience our gorgeous city. Beside boat trips we also host a wide variety of events throughout the year, such as beer and BBQ events or Virtual Reality events on our Binckboot.

If you need a rental boat, we also do rental services, you can rent different kinds of boats and we will provide them to you for a reasonable price. For more information visit our rental page.

What are you waiting for? We sail whenever and for how long you want!

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Check out our popular arrangements for tourists

These are our most popular arrangements for people visiting The Netherlands for their first time and want to have some fun on a boat!

Boat & Babe (18+)

Do you want to have a sexy lady onboard during your boat tour? This arrangement has it for you! We have plenty of beautiful ladies to accompany you on this trip.

Boat & Blow (18+)

Are you coming to The Netherlands and planning to visit The Hague? You should check out this arrangement we got for smoking enthusiasts!


At Binckboten we host many events throughout the year in The Hague. We like to engage with our audience in a fun and adventurous manner. This way you can explore our city, meet different kinds of people and experience the beautiful scenery our city has to offer.

The events usually take place once a month and we try to have a special theme in mind to make it fun for all ages, young and old. The activities during an event vary from time to time, but it aimed to deliver excitement and fun for everyone participating. We value quality and your well-being in an event to ensure you are having fun.

With our experienced staff members, we organize the events in The Hague, Rijswijk, Binckhoorst, and many more locations! For more information, you should follow our facebook page, where we announce events and updates.

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